LEARN willingly, LEAD effectively, and LIVE wisely.The Most Comprehensive and affordable Course covering all the section of PERSONAL, PROFESSIONAL AND WORK-LIFE BALANCE SKILLS enabling you to Lead to CHANGE FOR SUCCESS

Why Attend This Course?


  • I want my dream job but I don’t know the skills
  • I know all but I could not present well before the audience
  • I am well in subject but don’t know how to talk in interview.
  • I have faced so many interviews but could not succeed.
  • I am young, dynamic, aspiring for a successful career but stuck somewhere I don’t know what to do?
  • I am academically successful but face lots of conflict  
  • How to move from survival to success in my life
  • I want to sharpen my personal skills and professional skills but don’t know how?

“Free Corporate Master Course”

My mission is Change for success in YOU Brings To You India’s First kind of “Corporate Master Course”


  • 44% College students are well prepared only for their career.
  • 38% managers feel writing proficiency is the most desirable hard skills among recent college graduates.
  • 9% of managers want to see college graduates problem solving skills, effective communication skills, quick decision taking ability, most importantly emotional quotation (EQ).
  • 6% Managers Want Potential Hires With Great Leadership Skills.
  • 4% hiring manager want to see new hires demonstrate strong work ethics punctual engaged in their work and act with integrity.

if you are the one struggling for success 

It means people’s talent, skills, and will don’t get recognized. Think for a moment if we rightly diagnose, develop, and most importantly deliver the productivity of human potential, which is unlimited. It all depends on what kind of  EDUCATION    you have  that makesthedifference.



today’s young minds  are more creative, informative, but needed more skills and right direction with right purpose According to a research study, it was found that how and what we focus on and carry in our life:

  • Only 15 percent people felt that they are working high trust culture.
  • Only 11 percent people felt that organization hold for accountability of performance.
  • 63 percent people don’t get clear understanding of what their organization wanted to achieve and why.
  • Only 17 percent people felt that their organization recognized their idea and even communication But what about the 83 percent people that don’t?
  • Only 50 percent people felt they are happy about their contribution and What about the rest 50 percent?

This course will sharpen your all personal and professional skills with cutting edge strategies and techniques to grow your inner skills for success in life.

In the course, You Will Learn

Whether you are a student, entrepreneur, professional, or an aspiring job seeker and manager this is where you can get all the skills for success and you can prepare for better prospective in your career advancement.

Personal Success modules

  • Building Your Personal Excellence
  • Develop your Self confidence
  • Your belief system: you can reach any height.
  • Boost your self-esteem.
  • Leadership: Doing right things for right reason.
  • Interpersonal skills well.
  • Time management: don’t do first things last
  • Set Goal to achieve more
  • 10 Ways to Build Your Personal Branding
  • Remove your hurdle build the bridge.
  • Enhance communication skills
  • Listening skills
  • Body languages & etiquette skills
  • Dressing with corporate culture
  • How to Overcome Procrastination
  • Maximizing Your Potential

Professional Success modules

  • Nurturing your professionalism.
  • Business communication skills
  • Preparing your CV
  • Why people don’t crack the interview
  • Develop your interview skills
  • Team building for team work
  • Understanding your people
  • Telephone skills
  • E-mail etiquette
  • Art of problem solving skills
  • Work ethic

Work-Life Balance Success modules

  • Dealing with Difficult People
  • • Stress Management: stay positive to perform well.
  • Mantra of Failure: I Am Failed, But Not Failure, it’s not everything.
  • Shine Within: When everything is Lost. What you ll do? A Person Can Make Change.
  • Your True Self: Reinvent yourself for better health, wealth, and

But that’s not all…FREE BONOUS

But that’s not all…FREE BONOUS 

Bonus #1. My 15 Supremely Powerful Tips for Highly Impressive Leadership skills book lead with honor not horror

Bonus #2. 10 great leaders who changed the world

Bonus #3. 15 ways to search your job after your college

Bonus #4. How to deal with difficult  boss.

Bonus #5. 10 great habits of highly successful employee

Special Invite for Working Professionals, Students & Entrepreneurs

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Plus Exclusive Powerful Skill videos by Simanchal for the Next 12 Months 12 Success Framework Assignments for Action for The Next 12 Months

I am Passionate to see you at the Top of success A MUST ENROLL COURSE FOR SKILL ENHANCER Student / Employed/ Who Want To Change For Success


  1. ☑course will Enrich Your Personal and professional skills.
  2. ☑Build Personal Brand Image & Become great leader
  3. ☑Your Higher Rate of Corporate Skills Builds the Repositioning You.
  4. ☑become  more confident  to face interview & Crack Every Interview.
  5. ☑No Need to Appointment in Special Trained Person, Study Materials, Etc.
  6. ☑Be a Pro Active; Advance Your Skills to Get Your Dream Job.


  1. ☑Be extra ordinary at Work Place & get new professional skills
  2. ☑Get out of turn Promotions and Get Massive Appreciation and Respect.
  3. ☑Develop Confidence and Increase Maximum Job /Campus Selection.
  4. ☑It Also Helps Students to Bring Positive Change In life.
  5. ☑Complete End To End Enrichment Course .

Meet Your Trainer




A Graduate topper of the university before taking up an M.B.A at symbiosis (Pune)
  • He is an educator, motivational speaker and powerful trainer for thousands of students, professionals and people to discover their true potential for maximum achievement.
  • He was awarded for his excellent contribution in education by HRD minister, India
  • PARYAVARAN DRONACHARYA AWARD by Indian center for wildlife & Environmental studies in south Asian region (ICWESSAR)
  • Author of bestselling book change for success (English) and safalata kaliye badale (Hindi)
  • Awarded Radhakrishan Ratna award for immense contribution in the field of education by State Bank of India(SBI),2017
  • Awarded Indian Best education icon award 2018 by CED FOUNDATION.
  • Active member of The New India Foundation (NIF).
  • Has founded an organization called Bhaskar Welfare Trust whose mission is focus on “enrichment people through right education
  • Mission to help 100,000 people through the life changing Powerful program “ CHANGE FOR SUCCESS WORKSHOP “ which will help people to transform from SURVIVAL TO SUCCESS. by 2022 .
  • CHANGE FOR SUCCESS ' written by Mr Simanchal Panigrahi is a worth reading motivational book. The author has presented his ideas meticulously with copious illustrations and quotations .The language  used is lucid to get into the minds of the readers easily .The book is surely      suitable for every success seekers .I wish the Endeavour of the author a great success.
    Mr.Prasanna Kumar Mahapatra
  • “With much anticipation on what the “change for success” would unfold for the leadership and soft skills for students, really vivrant, enriching, educative and inspiring, I am Happy to share that Simanchal’s session not only set the tone for the organization’s behavioral skills but also ensured an experience that will live long in every participant’s memory. The methodology used was simple blended with anecdotes that the audience could relate to and the infectious bouts of laughter thanks to the carefully timed humour. The level of participation was simply exceptional, be it for the session or the activity conducted. Thank you simanchal sir.
    Rajesh Sharma, Principal vibrant school, New Delhi
  • Your book “ change for success “ inspiring and a life changing book. I really liked the book. Usually self books are not my kind but this book didn't bored me. I think the book really has useful information. Language is easy and simple. Everyone can easily read this book. I loved the quotes written in each chapter. The "Assignment for Actions" were also super helpful. Overall, I liked the book and I would recommend this book to everyone who loves reading self help book plus to all those who needs guidance.
    Reetika Sharma
  • “It Was A Brilliant Idea And An Amazing Session! Change For Success Is Outstanding Program These Kind Of Sessions Really Help Us Understand The Changes Happening In Our Organization Objectively. It also helps us to see from a Leader’s Eye. Thank You So Much Sir.
    Mr. Rajpal Singh, Principal, st john’s convent school, Udaipur
  • “Outstanding! Very Easy To Relate To, Engaging People For The Entire Workshop With Clear, Hard Hitting Examples.”
  • “Simanchal is an outstanding speaker and motivator! That summarizes our experience of asking Simanchal to speak with our team. He moves effortlessly between humour and delivering serious life and his behavior skills and success messages. It is rare indeed to see someone do that, and it was a treat and a special experience to be there while he performed.
    Rajeev Tyagi, CEO, Rajdav max pvt ltd
  • Change for success as name doing full justice with content in the book it really transforms your life completely it helps you to achieve better results at your workfront.if you just consume 20 to 25% of this book it will just make your life balance and better. Each thing and little problems that we face every day in our office or business or home are explained so easily and solutions are provided in such a easy manner so that we just have to make a little change and Success is at your feet.
    Dipali Gupta